Is your brand still worthy of your loyalty?

Is your brand still worthy of your loyalty?

Is your brand still worthy of your loyalty?

Whether you’re buying or selling a product or service, we all recognize the critical role branding plays in determining what gets bought and what gets sold.  Those lucky enough to get it right will tell you that the process involved in a successful branding strategy is both long and difficult.  At its core, a brand is a promise to your customer telling them what they can expect from buying their product, and how or why it’s different - and better - than the competitors.  The brand is a name - but it's the attributes behind it and what that name represents that make it stand out from the pack and keep it on top.

As consumers, our relationship with brands is an evolving one.  Early on, we may choose to buy a particular brand because we want to identify with the greater public's perception of its attributes.  Down the road, we may choose brands that are more closely aligned with our own attributes and how we define value. When we can identify attributes in a product or service that match our own idea of value, a brand loyal customer is born... definitely the gold standard by which all branding strategies are measured.


Funny thing about success . . . once a product reaches it and achieves brand equity, those making and selling it can charge more than what an identical unrecognized brand would fetch in the marketplace (even if that unrecognized brand is as good or better).

For those charged with purchasing employee workwear, maintaining brand loyalty works well when the brand continues to keep its promise about who they are and their ability to consistently deliver a product that meets, and hopefully exceeds, expectations.

If not, brand loyalty can easily become a crutch and an excuse for not asking the tough questions and beginning the process of looking for a new brand that will work hard to earn and keep your business.  New or "pioneer" brands like MASCOT Workwear are a great place to start. They'll work hard for your business because they must.

ABOUT US: MASCOT Workwear is a global leading brand of high performance work clothing and outerwear. We strive to develop the most innovative clothing on the market be incorporating the latest in fabric innovation paired with sleek functional design. MASCOT Workwear offers individuals and companies alike the option to stand out in the crowd and look professional regardless of your job requirement. 

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