MASCOT Workwear Launches New ADVANCED Range that revolutionizes modern work clothing

MASCOT Workwear Launches New ADVANCED Range that revolutionizes modern work clothing

MASCOT Workwear Launches New ADVANCED Range that revolutionizes modern work clothing

MASCOT revolutionizes the workwear industry with the launch of three pants and a ¾-length pant, all with four-way stretch... But, not just stretch! High durability, an innovative knee pad pocket design and excellent freedom of movement are also integrated.

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These aren’t just work pants; these are pants so comfortable you won’t want to take them off! Such was the conclusion of our test panel when they evaluated the new trousers and ¾-length trousers that have ergonomics, comfort and the durability to withstand most challenges. 

Movement without limitations 
When MASCOT decided to develop new trousers, the task was clear: MASCOT was not interested in making trousers that were only partly made of stretch material; the new trousers had to be made with 100% four-way stretch so workers could experience freedom of movement at an entirely new level. It was all hands on deck for MASCOT’s laboratory, design, development and wearer trial departments as the fabric had to be more than just elastic, it also had to be extremely durable. Conversely, the durability could not get in the way of comfort, and the fabric had to be lightweight. Through many months the fabric was tested and adjusted, and the result was exactly as hoped. The new trousers are made of soft elastic fabric and are lightweight, extraordinarily durable, and water-repellent. 

Flexibility and ventilation at the knee area 
Product testers from the trade and construction industries have been closely involved in the development of details on the new trousers through research and wearer trials. During the research phase, they expressed a demand for trousers with a knee area that was flexible and could be ventilated. In the new trousers, this resulted in kneepad pockets made with stretch materials so the freedom of movement isn’t limited. In addition, the kneepads can be easily removed from the side via a zipper on each pocket. This can be done quickly even when wearing the trousers. The zipper on the inside of the trousers at the knee also serves another function; it can be opened to ventilate the knee area, which can otherwise become too warm during the workday. Furthermore, the ergonomically formed trouser leg can be adjusted with the help of a press stud adjustment at the foot. 

With the kneepad pocket design, MASCOT combines durability with freedom of movement. A new and unique material composition combines the durable materials CORDURA®, Kevlar® and Dyneema®, and brings the durability of the kneepad pockets to new heights.

Stronger than steel 
The durability has to be top class, and in the areas where you wear your clothes the most, you need extra reinforcements, e.g., at the knees. In the new trousers, MASCOT has developed a new material that combines CORDURA® and Kevlar® with the fiber Dyneema®, which markets itself as being stronger than steel. The pants also have a ruler pocket of CORDURA®, an integrated and detachable ID-card holder, a tool strap and a thigh pocket with phone pocket with magnetic fastening.

Obviously, you have to choose trousers to fit your needs. But with these, you can adapt the trousers according to your changing tasks. Adjust the trousers at the foot, remove the ID-card and use the zippers to add and remove the holster pockets. The detachable holster pockets make it easy to empty the pockets of dirt, or wash your trousers without having to empty the holster pockets.

A part of something bigger 
The new generation of trousers is a part of the new MASCOT® ADVANCED range. Choose from 7 colors including the brand new colors dark petroleum and moss green. The three models of trousers come in three different leg lengths in a wide range of sizes, and both trousers and ¾-length trousers have a fit suited for both men and women.

Workwear for all challenges 
STRETCH – STRONG – LIGHTWEIGHT – watch the film and discover the possibilities in MASCOT’s trousers with 100% stretch.

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