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MASCOT Workwear

PAVIA Undershirt



  • 75% polyester with bamboo charcoal/17% polyamide/8% elastane, 160 g/m²
  • The material is made with burnt bamboo which makes the product insulating, moisture wicking and anti-bacterial.
  • Quick drying - important to avoid cooling of the body.
  • Elastic fabric that fits the body's curves.
  • Fits both men and women thanks to its elasticity.
  • Seamless product without irritating seams or insewn washing instructions.


Light weight. Modern fit. Flexible fabric that fits to the body. Anti-bacterial (Test JIS L1902:2002) and moisture wicking. Quick drying. Round neck. Suitable for both men and women. High comfort without side seams (Sizes: S-XL). Washing Instructions are seamlessly interwoven - to avoid irritating labels.

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