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Lightweight workwear at a really good price. Uncompromising quality and comfort.

MASCOT® LIGHT is the lightest complete family from MASCOT, weighing only 245 g/m. When working in high temperatures, such as in proximity to large machines in factories, light workwear is a necessity.


Thoroughly tested fit

The line includes a selection of two-tone products, for example working trousers, working jackets and a soft-shell jacket. The products come in two different color combinations, cobalt blue/navy blue or dark anthracite grey/black.

Find your exact fit

If you want to feel comfortable in your workwear you have to find the size that fits you perfectly. That’s why the family is available in a broad range of sizes, including trousers with three different leg lengths as standard, and with up to 14 different waist sizes per size. The clothing gives you a comfortable and thoroughly tested fit, with great freedom of movement.

Quality for the money

Despite its low price, quality has not been compromised. The products are made from hard-wearing twill material. They also offer extra reinforcement round the pockets and in other exposed places. The products are also sewn with reinforcing triple seams at the places most exposed to wear. All of this to achieve extra high quality and wear, so you and your workmates don’t have to buy new workwear so often.

The MASCOT® LIGHT family has details that make it especially suitable for work in the entire range of manufacturing and industrial companies throughout Europe. For example, all buttons and zips are covered, so that they do not rub and scratch against their surroundings. The products are also entirely suitable for industrial laundering, retaining their colors and fit well, even after washing.

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