F0900-907 MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CASUAL - Sneakers

Type: Sneakers
SKU: F0900-907-09 1045/11.5M
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Considering the functionality that workwear has to fulfill, it is important that your workwear has the right size and fits perfectly.

At MASCOT we focus on the ergonomics of your trousers with the correct placement of pockets and tool straps, and on the protective clothing, correct placement of the reflectors. If your trousers do not fit properly, then they don’t sit correctly on the body and the kneepads may end up at the wrong location on the trousers.

Certified safety clothing runs the risk of losing its certification if the length of the sleeves and trouser legs are incorrect as this can reduce the visibility of the reflectors.


Size 42: 295 g

Very lightweight. The front part of the shoe bends flexibly with the foot. Lace fastening. Uppers of suede. Sole of rubber.

FT088-980-88 Impregnation Spray; FT089-980-88 Foam cleaning set