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MASCOT Workwear

Yorkton Safety Tool Vest 08089-470-17



  • Teflon® finish makes the product dirt resistant and ensures high visibility.
  • Extra visibility for the surroundings with vertical and horizontal reflective strips.
  • Reflective front fastening in front of the zip fastener to avoid damage from dirt.
  • Magnets automatically close the breast pockets after use.
  • Four reinforced holster pockets.


65% polyester/35% cotton, 310 g/m²
Certified to GO/RT 3279 (RIS-3279-TOM), ONLY colour 14 and EN 471 - class 2/2 (S = class 1/2). Updating to EN ISO 20471 - class 2 (S = class 1). The product is certified with maximum 0,0600 m² (L-2XL) 0,1900 m² (S) logo area. This approved area must not be exceeded. Logo on, respectively, front or back of the product can constitute only a maximum of 50% of the total approved logo area in order to maintain the EN 471-certification.